Welcome to the Vegan Womble Blog

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Hello, I am Sandra AKA Cholet Womblelina and this is the Vegan Womble Blog. I have been vegan for over 22 years. I thought it would help others along the road to veganism or those simply wanting to keep up to date. I want to offer hints, tips, recipes, links and other advice all in one place.

Although I started the blog and the facebook page Vegan Womble and group Vegan Womble Chatroom. There is a great team working to keep the information up to date, without them, this simply could not work.

What we love!!!

We love upcycling, recycling, frugal living too. We are always happy to hear from other vegans, transitional vegetarians and anyone interested in being a vegan. There is always a Womble here to help.

The Vegan Society

Also The Vegan Society “recognises Vegan Womble as a useful source of information for new and all vegans” and references several key pages from its official website.

Vegan Womble is used by The Vegan Society which was created 72 years ago in 1944 by the founders of modern-day veganism (Donald Watson et al): https://www.vegansociety.com/about-us