Guest Blog Post – The 90% Raw Vegan – Adding a little rawness

Guest Blog Post by Tuladhana

I am approximately 8 weeks into this lifestyle and it has been relatively easy. But this week I have reached the equivalent of the 7 year itch..literally. Yesterday I was feeling bored and out of sorts, and so ‘treated’ myself to a cola drink, a bag of highly flavoured savoury snacks, a vegan meatball and pasta dish and my fave Elvis Juice by Brew Dog. Big Mistake. I have just spent most of the night dehydrated and incredibly itchy all over. It is said that once you eliminate products from your diet, then have them suddenly, you react stronger than before..I can certainly verify this from personal experience.

Why did I struggle this week? Well, analysing what happened I can say that mentally I craved complex carbs and an old dieting habit. I eat plenty of raw fruit and veg but my mind still tells ‘Mr Tummy’ that a) I need heavy starch to get energy/calories and b) I DESERVE these for being so god for last 7 weeks. Oh dear. If you are a classic yo-yo dieter like me you will recognise this pattern: ‘treating’ yourself with the wrong kind of foods. But the good news is that it is simply CONDITIONING. Ok, I know, changing your thinking can be too hard, soul destroying etc. but in the end, I know that it is worth it.

I also realise that for the past 7 weeks, most of the raw food reading I have done has been on creating sexy food dishes that emulate the ‘normal’ vegan ones. This is EXACTLY how I did with going vegan…and I was bitterly disappointed. AGAIN, it’s just the way our minds work! So, last night I started reading a book by F. Patenaude – ‘The Raw Secrets’. It is pretty much covering what I am going through but offering the solutions.

Today I am wiping my karmic slate clean. The Brew Dog stash is being hidden, I have a batch of forlorn fruit salad in the fridge and once I am fully awake(I am doing this at 5:30am!), I am going foraging in my garden for green,leafy veg and salad items. Breakfast will be a bowel busting(probably spot on…) fruit smoothie with some superfood supplements (maca is my current fave) and lunch a monster green salad with various ornately prepared veg to ‘keep it interesting’. Dinner is soaking(shiitake mushrooms and cashews) and these will be blended with chilli flakes and mixed into courgette noodles.

There are no vegan police, there are also no raw food police. I have chosen ‘90%’ to allow for this and who knows? 5 years done the line I may go 100% but mistakes will be made, lessons will be learned..and ..isn’t life just FANTASTIC when you look at the REASONS why you do something? Over and out.

Peace, Love, Vegan. Tuladhana x

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