Guest Blog Post – The 90% Raw journey so far.’What is a typical day?’

Guest Blog Post by Tuladhana

When you are Vegan people are always asking ‘but what on earth do you eat?’. I usually list the gruesome dead things I DON’T eat and then say ‘everything but these’ (snigger..sneaky eh?!) Raw food is just as inclusive but you just have to be more inventive. I have tried to emulate my fave cooked dishes(usually ending up with me doing my best Eeyore impression, looking forlornly at this inedible mystery in my bowl) but as a rule I just love to eat food it their pure forms. So I will go through a typical food day for me:

Breakfast: when I ate cooked food 24/7 I would wake up  ‘Hank Marvin’, willing to sell my right kidney for a Vegan sausage sandwich but some days I actually have to REMEMBER to eat food(actually the changed psychologically of meal and relationships to food will be discussed in a later post…*carrot dangle *). But on an average day I usually eat a nice fresh fruit salad with soaked nuts and seeds(soaking releases enzymes and make them digest better) or a nice fresh hemp and banana smoothie. Eating fruit is supposed to be the best food to eat in the mornings so they are digested alone and don’t get mooshed up with other food, and therefore fermenting(who wants a brewery in their Buddha Belly??). Occasionally I will just have a fresh juice such as carrot, apple and ginger or a wheatgrass shot.(Btw, did you know that some people use wheatgrass as enemas? Right, on to lunch (hee, hee!)

Lunch: When I am working doing my craft fairs, there is NOTHING I like more than a huge, stonking salad. My idea of salad does NOT include Cos or Iceberg Salad(IMO, these 2 should be stranded on a desert island with no top 5 record to keep them amused!). I love mixed baby leaves, spinach, rocket etc. and mix it up with fresh sprouts. No, not the smelly woof woof kind but those gnarly, weird alien  embryo things that most people have no clue about.THESE are the ULTIMATE living foods. When you sprout beans, lentils, seeds and the like, they release enzymes, their ‘lifeforce’ into the shoot and guess who gets the benefit of THAT? Yup, us lucky bunnies!. But back to lunch. Baby plum tomatoes, red peppers(no green for me as not ripe and not good for us), raw shredded veg, soaked seeds and a homemade raw relish.

Dinner: Usually my fave meal of the day and traditionally I would fill a small wheelbarrow sized bowl with wholemeal pasta, Vegan meatballs, sauce and perhaps an evening smackerel later? Nowadays, my bowl is half full and often I don’t finish it! Currently my love is nori samosas. Nori is roasted or unroasted seaweed sheets, you know, the ones wrapped around sushi. It is easy getting the unroasted so I make do with roasted. I cut each sheet into 4 squares and fill with shiitake and cashew mix. Simply chop up some shiitake mushrooms, add a handful of soaked cashews, blend, put a blob in one corner of square, moisten edges well and make a ‘samosa’. You can eat right away but I like to dehydrate for around 3 hours to crisp up. Trust me: these are the cat’s whiskers.

Now, although I DO eat like this on occasion, some days I become a ‘grazer’ which amuses my friends. Comments such as ‘you are always eating’ are sadly commonplace and people wonder why some of us have a hard relationship with food? Grazing (eating little and often) REALLY suits me and keeps your energy levels up.

Even if you do not intend to put more raw into your diet,this following advice it the best I can give you: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Don’t eat just because the clock says so, eat for hunger. Eating raw has mimimised food cravings and eating when NOT hungry. It is only when I have cooked that it for thought.

Peace, Love, Vegan – Tuladhana x

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