Vegan Afternoon Teas

Fancy an afternoon tea but unsure where to get one? Well look no further. We have some tried and tested places below.

The majority of places require at least 24 hours notice. It is best to state you are vegan when booking as many of these places are not vegan as standard.



Oakley Hall


Loaf Vegan B & B who also cater for non residents with afternoon tea (although prior booking is required) –  Totally vegan


Earthlings Organic

Vegan Afternoon Tea


Earthcake – vegan café

Broughton, North Lincolnshire

The Mount Tea Rooms –


Mad Hatters Tea Rooms –

Coltishall, Norfolk

The Norfolk Mead Hotel –


The Georgian Tea Rooms –


The Grand Hotel –


The Homely Maid –


Bunchrew House, Bunchrew, Inverness – £18 per person

Kingston Upon Hull

Teapots & Roses –

Laceby, Lincolnshire

The Comfy Duck –


The White Peacock – pre-booking required –


The Jam Restaurant –

Tea Parlour –



Claridges –

Fortnum & Mason –

La Suite West – – totally vegan

One Aldwych – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Themed

Secret Tea Room –

Sketch –

The Langham –

The Ritz –


The Hideaway –

The Midland Hotel –

Time for Tea –

Richmond Tea Rooms –


Beau-ti-ful Home & Gifts Tearooms who cater for vegans with prior notice.

Margate, Kent

Seaside Cake Parlour – totally vegan cafe


Eden Hall –

Debbie Bryan –

Flying Goose Cafe – – vegetarian/ vegan cafe

Two For Tea –

Rainham, Kent

Nutmegs, Patisserie –


Birdhouse Tea Company –

Somewhere Else –


The Old School Team Room –


Oak Tree Bistro – vegetarian / vegan

The Temple Cafe – vegetarian / vegan


Westminster Tea Rooms –


Weston Hall –

Ulveston, Lake District

Gillam’s –

Walsall, North Birmingham

Fairlawns Hotel –


Casa Angelina –

Colonnades at Signet Library –

Eclectic Fizz – This photo is from 2015 so they may be changed what they serve you

Waldorf Astoria –



The Willow Tea Rooms

Hidden Lane Tea Rooms –

The Blythswood Hotel –

Paisley,  Glasgow

Tata Bella’s –

Newport, South Wales

TheCeltic Manor –

Around the World

Auckland, New Zealand

Hectors –


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Lush Vegan Food – new vegan business

Rebecca from Lush Vegan Food based near Fareham in Hampshire has just added a shop her business facebook page. Currently they are collect only (fresh or frozen) but she will look into postage options soon. Muffins, torte and banana bread are amongst the offerings so far, with the range sure to expand soon.

She has lived in good ole Stubbington all her life, and last month she quit her 14 and a half year job to do something she loves and hopefully will be successful in. There is a beach nearby, so why not make a day of it at the beach and collect some sweet treats to take home.

“I hope my cakes are not just for vegans but for anyone dairy free, wanting to eat more plant based products or just people who love cake! I am not your average typical vegan ha and have the love handles and sweet tooth to prove it! I would appreciate all your support, and spreading the word around for me. I am literally bricking it ha as never run my own business before, but did a lot of research, am approved by environmental health and running my little venture from my trusty kitchen. The support people means everything to me.”

Rebecca hopes to branch out to extend her range with frozen meals too!

UPDATE: She now does savoury meals including Yorkshire puddings!

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Vegan Sweet Treats

Published July 2017 (however put together over a year, so some packaging will of changed). Please double check ingredients.


For other sweet treats see our other articles such as Chocolate bars, Chocolate boxes, Sweets, Biscuits, Cereals (yes some cereals are ideas as a sweet snack, such as Asda Toffee Apple Popcorn cereal), Cereal Bars and Flapjacks, Baby Foods, Popcorn (crisps article), Chocolate Spreads, Jellies, Ice cream and more.

Please note I started this article a year before publication. Some packaging will of changed and other items may of changed ingredients.


Spotted in TK Max – love that shop for random vegan finds. Great for toiletries too.

Alba Bakeries (Morton Rolls) (Scotland Lidl’s and Glasgow area)

The raspberry ones had changed to not been vegan due to cochineal, not sure if they have swapped back. So there might be two flavours again.


See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

Scotland only


Check every year for seasonal goodies, mince pies have been vegan since at least 2014 when this photo was taken. Stollen varies by year and sometimes there is a more luxury one. Not sure with the churros, first time spotted xmas 2016. If they are all year, do let me know. 🙂

aldi-churros aldi-churos-ing


See ice cream article also


Sold in Health food stores, garden centres and deli’s



See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

Scotland only – not own brands, but worth a mention. Seen in Inverness store.


double check ingredients every year, as they do change unfortunately.


Aunt Bessie’s

Frozen puds


Polish pudding


Usually found in the free from aisles in Supermarkets such as Morrison’s




A sort of angel delight type pudding. Online only I think. Possibly independent health food stores.




From independent health food stors.



baby fruit puddings

Botham’s of Whitby

Sold in select Waitrose stores and probably in shop’s in Whitby area.


Select donuts at select stores. Hot Cross Buns are usually vegan too. Not sure what else they have own brand, but they do sell vegan cheesecake by Laura’s in selected stores.

Bushells (Lowerstoft/Great Yarmouth area)


Café Nero

Cherrytree Bakery

Sold in Asda’s in the North West of England

Chia Pod

Supermarkets and health food stores


The Coconut Collaborative



See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

Jam Ball and Custard Ball from the in store bakery. From time to time the ring donuts are vegan. Watch out for beeswax, often listed as E901. Some smaller Co-ops don’t stock there own brand as they don’t have a bakery and sell other brands. So make sure they are Co-op bakery sold in brown bags or loose in some stores. (Co-op bakery also sell 4 fruit pies, apple puffs and apple and blackberry turnovers)




Christmas only

Country Garden



Deliciously Ella

Dr Oetker

Spotted in the World Food Aisle Asda

Dr Oetker has confirmed this is vegan. Please note this isn’t ready made.






From independent health food stores


Farmhouse Biscuits

We are not including all biscuits, we have a large article on biscuit and one on chocolate chip biccies too. But these are a little special, so these deserve to be in here! Usually from garden centres and deli type shops.


Foods of Athenry



Funtime doughnuts


The custard ones have been confirmed vegan by the supplier.


Fulton’s Freezer Shop

They seem to deal with a lot of limited lines, rather than regular. So just check out to see what the current offers are.


Gluten Free Kitchen



Go Vegan





Mince pies where vegan Christmas 2016

Hale & Hearty

There is a few to choose from and the vegan ones are clearly labelled on the front.

Happy Shopper

Hellenic Grocery

sold in select M & S stores

Home Bargains

They sell lots of brands and change all the time. These flapjacks are a regular line though.


They sell many own brand lollies. See our ice cream and lolly article for the full selection.

Jane Elizabeth


Quite a few of the range is vegan. This is just two of these. These pictures are the old packaging.



Lazy Day Foods

All vegan and they also do mince slices and iced mince slices too. Supermarkets and Health Food stores.


See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate and our dedicated Lidl article too.

During Greek Week see Lidl article for more goodies

During Oriental week

During Italian week




Checking to see if the apple pies and anything else are vegan. Will update. They look like they will be, but don’t even say vegetarian on the packet.


Mamma Lucina

Also ice cream see our article for details.

Mark’s and Spencer’s

See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate


At Christmas 2016 they had these frozen fritters and frozen donuts. They were part of a party range at Christmas. But as people have parties all year, we should request it! Hopeful they will come back! 23/7 update they are back!!!



just two of the many vegan jellies, see our jelly article for more info


Fill for a sweet treat party snack

Seasonal Christmas


See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

Christmas edition English muffins

Christmas mince pies. Recipes can change from year to year, but have been vegan for a few years now.

Some stores also sell vegan donuts, but it does vary by store as you will see if you look at our donut article.


Mr Kipling’s

Mrs Crimble’s

Nottingham Doughnut Co



Creamy oat fraiche and custard in cartons


Found in a Aldi!

Pots and Co


They also have a chia pudding with fruit and a chocolate pudding



Single and double packs



breakfast pots that would make a nice pud!


Sold in Norfolk Co-ops and select stores in the area.


See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

s-turnovers s-turnover2






Spotted in Tesco World Food  Aisle.


They also do apple ones.


Christmas mince pies are usually vegan in Spar, but double check every year.


These strawberry filled gingerbread are usually found in the world food aisle in places like Sainsbury’s and sometime Tesco. Also Polish stores.


Many other goodies in the yogurt article and the ice cream article.

just one of the many vegan jellies, see our jelly article for more info


Scotland only


Seasonal in some stores and all year round in others I believe.




See other articles for ice cream, biscuits, sweeties and chocolate

Christmas mince pies are often vegan, but double check every year.


Weight Watcher’s


Wenzil’s Bakery

North West London Area


Apple Donuts

Jam Donuts

(They also have Belgium buns, Bread Pudding buns, Chelsea buns, Currant buns,

Hot cross buns and Swiss buns)

Wild Bean in BP Garages

Apple Turnover

(donuts no longer vegan)

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Gnawesome Cake Mix Review

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a cake mix to test. Gnawesome are a new vegan cake mix business in Peterborough. All products are certified Vegan by the Vegan Society

GNAWESOME make delicious, heathy, vegan baking mixes. I got sent the lemon and coconut cake and it was easy to make and tasted delicious. The only thing I suggested to them was that they update the instructions to include fan ovens and they are going to do this. The Gnawesome website also give variations like adding raisins and this would also be good on the container.

Gnawesome has a great squirrel logo and anyone that knows me well will know this is my favourite animal. This container I have kept and will be upcycled at a later date and is currently being used to store things before I decorate it!

Ingredients, wheat flour, sugar desiccated coconut, bicarbonate of soda.

You then add water, lemon, vinegar and oil.

I opted to make a cake, but there is also instructions to make fairy cakes.

Viola…. yum yum yum…

Products available
– Vegan Lemon and Coconut Cake Mix £2.99
– Vegan Choc Chip Cookie Mix £2.99
– Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix £2.99
– Vegan Chocolate Pecan Brownie Mix £4.99
Gnawesome can also be found at some vegan events, contact them to find out more. They are currently looking for outlets, please get in touch if you can help.


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