Vegan Afternoon Teas

Fancy an afternoon tea but unsure where to get one? Well look no further. We have some tried and tested places below.

The majority of places require at least 24 hours notice. It is best to state you are vegan when booking as many of these places are not vegan as standard.



Oakley Hall


Loaf Vegan B & B who also cater for non residents with afternoon tea (although prior booking is required) –  Totally vegan


Earthlings Organic

Vegan Afternoon Tea


Earthcake – vegan café

Broughton, North Lincolnshire

The Mount Tea Rooms –


Mad Hatters Tea Rooms –

Coltishall, Norfolk

The Norfolk Mead Hotel –


The Georgian Tea Rooms –


The Grand Hotel –


The Homely Maid –


Bunchrew House, Bunchrew, Inverness – £18 per person

Kingston Upon Hull

Teapots & Roses –

Laceby, Lincolnshire

The Comfy Duck –


The White Peacock – pre-booking required –


The Jam Restaurant –

Tea Parlour –



Claridges –

Fortnum & Mason –

La Suite West – – totally vegan

One Aldwych – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Themed

Secret Tea Room –

Sketch –

The Langham –

The Ritz –


The Hideaway –

The Midland Hotel –

Time for Tea –

Richmond Tea Rooms –


Beau-ti-ful Home & Gifts Tearooms who cater for vegans with prior notice.

Margate, Kent

Seaside Cake Parlour – totally vegan cafe


Eden Hall –

Debbie Bryan –

Flying Goose Cafe – – vegetarian/ vegan cafe

Two For Tea –

Rainham, Kent

Nutmegs, Patisserie –


Birdhouse Tea Company –

Somewhere Else –


The Old School Team Room –


Oak Tree Bistro – vegetarian / vegan

The Temple Cafe – vegetarian / vegan


Westminster Tea Rooms –


Weston Hall –

Ulveston, Lake District

Gillam’s –

Walsall, North Birmingham

Fairlawns Hotel –


Casa Angelina –

Colonnades at Signet Library –

Eclectic Fizz – This photo is from 2015 so they may be changed what they serve you

Waldorf Astoria –



The Willow Tea Rooms

Hidden Lane Tea Rooms –

The Blythswood Hotel –

Paisley,  Glasgow

Tata Bella’s –

Newport, South Wales

TheCeltic Manor –

Around the World

Auckland, New Zealand

Hectors –


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Vegan Sandwich fillings

Article published Aug 2017

What to put in a sandwich if your vegan? – that is the question!!! Or on toast or on top of a baked spud!!


Can be bought in jars in oil and make a great addition to a sandwich. These can be added to salad or hummus or used to make a spread. Bargain shops like Home Bargains and Lidl also have these cheaper than supermarkets.


with roasted peppers

with pesto and tomato

mashed with salad


BABA GANOUSH (aubergine dip)

with picked beetroot or roast peppers


Great hot in a sandwich!



with chocolate, chocolate spread, melted chocolate, soft brown sugar, dates,chopped nuts, dried fruit, nut or seed butter, jam, grated apple, cinnamon, pie filling.


BEETROOT – raw, cooked or picked.

Sliced beetroot with thinly sliced onion, tomato and salad cream. Yum!



Use vegan bacon and add lettuce, tomatoes and salad cream.


CHEESE – there is so many vegan cheeses (blocks, slices and grated) these days that we have a dedicated blog post on it. Cheezly and Sheese also been around for years with about 9 flavours each and Sheese makes the Tesco and Sainsbury’s own brand free from cheese. Now there is many new vegan cheese companies although usually only available through online stores or health food stores. Violife seem to be the only one widely available in Supermarkets. So vegan cheese with all the usual combinations really – easy!

Sundried tomato paste and vegan cheese


Vegan cream cheese comes in several flavours from brands such as sheese, Violife  Tesco or Sainsbury’s free from or Tofutti or other small independent companies. See dedicated post.

Cream cheese and strawberry jam

Cream cheese with dried fruit and sunflower seeds

Cream cheese with pickle

Plain cream cheese with yeast extract



Ready made or a recipe served with salad.



Mash and mix with herbs or spices or salad cream and serve with salad. Hundreds of variations and cheap too.



with raisins, banana, chopped nuts or all- see our dedicated article for more info



Some dips are great for sandwiches, others are a little runny, but still good to add a bit spread within a sandwich for flavour.

If you see a dip recipe that you might fancy as a spread don’t be scared of thickening it with breadcrumbs or beans to make it into a spread or add less liquid then the recipe says instead and it might work.

I made a Pea and mint dip into a spread last week. I don’t have the recipe I based it on know as it was out of a library book, but basically as far as I remember it was pouring boiling water over frozen garden peas in a colander and then whizzing them with mint and water. I then added some breadcrumbs to thicken and left in the fridge to firm up. Odd, but tasty!

FALAFELS are available from all major supermarkets. Branded and supermarket brands. They can be bought fresh or frozen, some ready to eat, others to warm or cook. Also packet mixes from supermarkets and health food stores.





GUACOMOLE – yes really a dip, but ideal for a sandwich with lots of extra’s. Just watch out for milk in most brands. Low fat brands are sometimes accidentally vegan.



Canned or in the fridge usually. Serve with salad and pickle! Available from health food stores, supermarkets and M & S.


HUMMUS/HOUMOUS – whichever way you spell it! it is available from every supermarket, most health food store and often even corner shops these days. Plain or lots of very different flavours including ones made with different beans. Just watch out for honey and lemon rind that may be treated with shellac. Here is a few to see the variety, this is not all of them.

Hummus with roasted red peppers or pickled beetroot, avocado, guerkins, picked or fresh cabbage, salad, grated carrots, beansprouts, salsa, or olives. So many additions to add to your hummus buttie!

Also Tesco do a Broad Bean, Asparagus & Mint hummus which makes a change from traditional chickpea based ones.



A spread made from Lotus biscuits, very sweet and you would use as you would use jam basically. Great if combined with chocolate spread, bananas, raisins or other sweet foods.



Suggestion: Vegan mayo, walnuts and sultanas or salad cream and crisps!! No one said this had to be a healthy article!!



Not something I would usually use in a sandwich, but I like this recipe. Carrot, Millet and Almond Sandwich recipe



Nutolene (canned)

Mocked duck (canned)

Redwoods vegideli – duck, chicken style pieces, beef, falafels, sage & marjoram ready to eat sausages, ready to eat pork style sausages.



Fried mushrooms with onion and garlic or homemade mushroom pate, or tartex or granovita brands.


NUT BUTTERS – Not just peanut these days, almond, cashew and hazelnut and combinations too. Supermarkets sell some and if you want combinations or crunchy versions or a wider range, health food stores are your best bet. Peanut butter is sold everywhere and you can even get chocolate ones too. Just watch out for honey that crops up in some like in M & S.

nut butter and jam or fruit spread
nut butter and cucumber
nut butter and raw onion
nut butter and beetroot
nut butter and banana
nut butter and vegemite
nut butter and sliced apple
nut butter and melted chocolate
nut butter and chocolate chip!
nut butter, vegan cheese and jam
nut butter and sultanas (or other dried fruit soaked such as figs, apricots, raisins)
nut butter and sliced tomato
nut butter and pickled onion
nut butter and agave syrup/golden syrup/sweet freedom
nut butter and salad
nut butter with grated carrot
nut butter and sprouted pulses
nut butter and chopped dates
nut butter and coconut
nut butter and kiwi fruit
nut butter and canned peaches


Cold and served sliced with salad or cranberry sauce!



Served with lots of extras or just mayo!


PATES – There are a few vegan pates about, but it is usually health food stores to buy these. Asda sell one or more of the granovita brand in their free from section and sometimes Aldi have these on specials. Sold as long life tubs and tubes usually. Tartex or granovita Pate – mushroom, herbs, tofu, tangy tomato, Vegetarian Tofu Pate – Spicy Mexican (contains palm oil though). Although vbite VegiDeli do a few refrigerated ones. Vegusto (mostly online) also have pates and different sandwich fillings.

fridge – health food shops

VegiDeli mushroom pate, Brussels style pate, beanfeast pate (11 different beans and seeds).

from Ocado

from Polish shops



I love pesto with tomatoes and avocado. It is great added to lots of sandwiches for flavour.



Fried and served with dressing of your choice and salad. Ready make blocks or made from ground polenta.



Served with salad and avocado



Suggestion: with mixed cabbage



Cook and leave to cool and serve with various fillings and sauces



As slices or sliced roasts – cold served with salad


SEED BUTTERS Usually health food stores with a few now popping up in supermarkets.


SLICES – Imitations of meat slices such as chicken, beef, turkey and sage and onion flavours. The largest range and brand is Vbites sold in Health food stores. The sage and onion is sold in Morrison’s. Other brands too, but usually in health food stores or online only. Tofurky has now arrived in the UK too and some places even sell sandwiches ready made with it.

Vbite ‘meat’ slices (ham, turkey, chicken, beef, sage & onion, bacon, garlic sausage style, pepperoni) or chorizo chucks made up in the traditional ways such as

Ham and cheese

Ham, mayo and dried onion

Ham, Dijon mustard, sweet freedom and sesame seeds

Chicken with mayo, chutney and raisins

Chicken with mayo and curry powder

Beef with horseradish and dried onion flakes

Sage and onion slices with apple sauce

Turkey with cranberry sauce

Garlic sausage style with mayo and olives

Chorizo with vegan mayo

Pizza style – sundried tomato, olives, roasted vegetables, pepperoni and optional cheese

Also seitan slices as often sold in independent health food stores.

Vegusto also have several flavoured sandwich slices and luncheon rolls.



Green/black olive tapenade with vegan cheese or roasted red peppers


Marinated tofu (such as cauldron) with vegan mayo, hummus and sundried tomatoes

Taifun have lots of flavoured tofu’s that you could serve with different fillings such as

Smoked tofu with sweet chilli relish/mayo and roast peppers

Cold scrambled tofu with salad cream and cress

Other flavours are

Smoked with almonds & sesame seeds

Smoked with herbs & sunflower seeds

Tofu Roso (flavoured with olives, tomatoes and pepperoni)

Tofu Basil Tofu olive

Or just flake and mix with mayo and herbs/seaweed for a tuna style and serve with salad or sweetcorn


‘TUNA’ – vegan mock tuna is now available by VegiDeli do anything you would with fish tuna. They also do vegan salmon slices.


YEAST EXTRACT (Vegemite/Marmite/Natex)

We have these covered in our gravy article, as they are often used in this way too. Serve with grated carrot, salad, tomato, avocado or crisps.


Salad dressings and vegan mayo, roasted red peppers, vegan pesto, vegan mayo, vegan salad cream, crispy dried onions, chutney, pickle, curry powder, dried herbs, vegan horseradish, picked onions, picked red cabbage, picked beetroot, picked guerkins, sweet freedom, golden syrup, jam, yeast extract such as vegemite or natex, mustard, sun dried tomato paste, pickle, homemade coleslaw, beetroot coleslaw, seeds, raisins, cinnamon, sundried tomatos, capers, crisps, salsa, saverkraut, apple sauce, tapendade, cranberry sauce, crisps, mixed bean salad, salt and pepper.

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Vegan Margarine

These are the vegan margarines I know about in the UK.
If you know of anymore, please do let us know.
There are currently no palm oil free margarines on the market in the England, Scotland and Wales, only seen one brand in Ireland. If this has changed please let me know.
There are recipes out there to make your own with coconut oil or why not just refrigerate olive oil to make your own simple spreadable olive oil margarine.
The Solesta brand has been rebranded and now contains milk sadly.
Aldi sell the new Flora dairy free spread and these Greenvale made for Aldi brands.
Small catering margarines that usually come with things like rolls and jacket potatoes. Only available to the catering trade, but worth checking before you say ‘no butter or marg’ if they use this one. Morrison’s sell them at the café for 10p each and allow you to buy a box full if you want. They can also be frozen.
See UNILEVER below
They also do a avocado one.
Not an actual margarine, but great for making garlic bread.
Garlic Gold has had the dairy taken out and is confirmed vegan.
A Irish brand spotted in Heron Freezer shops.
Koko have confirmed that this is OK to freeze.
Soya, Olive and Sunflower
Please note that this is owned by a dairy company
There is now new packaging
 Vegan but made by Unilever, who test on animals.
Sold in Heron Freezer shop and some bargain shops.
Free from sunflower, avocado and coconut margarines.
They also do a basic large tub of own brand margarine that is vegan. The vitamin D has been confirmed as being D2, so vegan. However not seen any good reviews.
This soft spread has been confirmed as vegan.
Checked with Tesco as it contains vitamin D and didn’t say which version it was.
Found in Holland and Barrett. Use like you would margarine, but not for cooking.
Sold in Jewish areas in supermarkets and Jewish shops
(Not the one in the red tub though – that one is not vegan.)
They have 4 different vegan spreads under the Flora freedom brand.
Please note that this is owned by a dairy company
w-marg w-marg2
I believe there is also cake margarines that are used in catering, that are not available to the public, which is good, so companies can make vegan goodies with it!
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Carrot, Millet and Almond Sandwich Spread

Today I chose a recipe from this book which I just love. I did a buffet on boxing day and this helped give me ideas and inspiration.

As I slightly amended the recipe, I can safely share it with you. I would definitely recommend the book if you like entertaining.

Approx 220g- 250g carrots, washed and grated

1 yellow onion, peeled and finely chopped

100g millet

50g ground almonds

25g dried dates, finely chopped

300ml water

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp garam masala

1/2 tsp cumin powder

1/2 tsp paprika powder

sprinkle of black pepper to taste

Fry the onion and grated carrot for 3 minutes. Add in the spices and stir round. Add the millet, dates and water and stir well. Bring to boil, cover and simmer until the liquid has been absorbed. Check often to make sure it doesn’t boil dry. Take off the heat and stir in the ground almonds and black pepper. Transfer the mixture into a ovenproof dish and evenly press down. Bake for approx 30 mins at 180/350/Gas 4

Serve in sandwiches with salad or on crackers or similar.

This was our boxing day buffet, featuring this spread on bruschetta, chestnut cashew and apple pate stuffed in tomatoes, chickpea and cashew pate on crackers, leftover turkey roast, cranberry sauce and sage and onion stuffing balls on cocktail sticks and savoury bites. More of these recipes to follow over the next couple of weeks.


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